On the edge of the department of Aube there is place that resembles no other. Travellers passing through it are struck by the unusual nature of this “industrial” village. Founding the crystal factories is attributed to Jean-Baptiste Mazzolay, a Venetian master glass maker who first worked in Paris, then in Rizaucourt close to Bayel.

In 2005 Villenauxe-la-Grande experienced a remarkable cultural event: the creation byDavid Tremlett, the British artist of international renown in conjunction with the workshop of Simon Marq, the master glassworker in Reims. Since 1640, twelve generations of stained glass artists developed the unique knowledge of l’Atelier SIMON MARQ. We invite you to discover it through our creations and our restorations of stained glasses.
Find many other craftsmen who will present their single parts to you.

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